Currant Design is a boutique residential design firm based in San Antonio, TX

we strive to share the art of living creatively. We believe a well-designed home is a retreat, one which sparks joy, cultivates moments of peace, and encompasses the significant details of your unique story.

 we never stop dreaming and scheming. Collectively, we have fifteen years of experience immersed in the interior design and adjacent creative industries; this paired with our imaginative and creative roots, has honed a unique and innate design palette. While we feel a certain pull toward the eclectic flair, we truly believe every style has its moment, and "good design" at its core is about curating a space with pieces that have depth and that speak to you, as the client. As Annie says, "Life isn't always black and white, sometimes you have to think in color to see the full picture."

At Currant Design, we collaborate with our clients, you, to build living spaces that reflect who you are- and what you love. We do this by first fostering a relationship in which we discuss client needs, wishes, and worries. With a thorough understanding, we launch our design process. We layer elements from different periods and references, artfully mixing styles and pattern, with color and texture, to build a space that feels warm, inviting and above all, fun! Our goal is to welcome you home.

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"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way"
- Edward de Bono

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I Try To Look At Life Through A Different Lens, Finding Inspiration In The Seemingly Mundane. I Have An Inherent Love For Travel, Which Has Lead Me To Find Inspiration In Everything I Do. I Am A Firm Believer In Both Living Each Day To The Fullest AND The Power Of Positivity: Each Day Is A New Day And Filled With Infinite Possibilities! My Goal Is To Make Your House Feel Like A Home. Taking Those Elements, Styles, And Colors That Are Meaningful To You And Bringing Them Together In A Way That Is Not Only Cohesive But Styled, Welcoming, And Fun!

I am a firm believer that your home should be a representation of YOU. Truly, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a home that is reflective of your personality and style. I love interiors that are collected and blended. I am fueled by strategic placement of color, pattern, texture, and layering of funky elements to add excitement. I love to marry the unexpected in a cohesive yet timeless fashion to create spaces that narrate the stories of our lives.

I try to look at life through a different lens, finding inspiration in the seemingly mundane. I have an inherent love for travel, which has lead me to find inspiration in everything I do. I am a firm believer in both living each day to the fullest AND the power of positivity: each day is a new day and filled with infinite possibilities! My goal is to make your house feel like a home. Taking those elements, styles, and colors that are meaningful to you and bringing them together in a way that is not only cohesive but styled, welcoming, and fun!